Sea Warning Issued for Tropical Storm Talim


1. According to the weather forecast from the Central Weather Bureau at
08:00 am on 12th September, 2017, Tropical Storm Talim will affect the east coast of Taiwan. Please beware of sudden torrential rain,lightning,
gusty winds, risen river tides, landslide,falling rocks and flooding in
the lowland areas.
2.All units/sectors, please be prepared for the coming typhoon by:
(1)Moving all the pots and items from outdoor to the indoor spaces, and
cleaning the balconies to ensure smooth drainage;
(2)Closing all the windows in the nearby public spaces, and making sure
all the French doors are locked properly;
(3)Double-checking again before you go home.
3.All boarders, please be prepared for the coming typhoon by:
(1)Following all the precaution instructions against typhoon;
(2)Checking the windows, lighting, broadcasting equipments, balconies
and/or transom windows of your dormitory room, and moving all your
outdoor belongings back to your room;
(3)Preparing the following items: torch, batteries, radio, drinking
water and food;
(4)Avoiding outdoor activities in the mountain, river and sea-side
DO NOT go wave-watching at the beach, and be alert for your safety!